i'm lucy (sometimes known as valk)!
my pronouns are she/her or they/them.

I do web analytics for video games, as well as being a writer, photographer, and micro-ttrpg designer.
Also the lead admin for the Bluff City wiki, where we could always use your help.

I am available for theatre photography!
email me at lucyquill0103 AT gmail DOT com
you can see some of my portfolio here

Generally found on twitter talking about whatever films, tv, or video games I'm going through
Sometimes I run short twitch streams.. Discord/Switch friend code on request.

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What content am I consuming right now?

currently watching
card captor sakura
currently listening
the penumbra podcastfriends at the table: spring in hieron / patreon
follow the leaderhalcyon stationabnormal mappingscript lockgame studies study buddies

currently playing:
final fantasy xiii-2 (pc)baba is you (pc)a short hikeouter wilds (pc - on hold)hollow knight (switch - on hold)fire emblem: three houses (switch)
currently reading:
still deciding...


see below for examples with more on my flickr

support me with ko-fi!